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Under her birth name: "Pamela Longfellow," Ki Longfellow published two novels, the very first of which— China Blues (HarperCollins/Doubleday) —enjoyed a brisk London auction. It was an alternate Book-of-the-Month Club selection in Canada, a best seller in Sweden, and optioned in Hollywood by the legendary producing team of David Brown and Richard D. Zanuck.

Her second novel, Chasing Women (HarperCollins), was also optioned, and twice adapted for the screen.

As Ki Longfellow (a name her late husband, Vivian Stanshall, dreamed was hers), her third novel: The Secret Magdalene, saw publication through Eio Books at the end of March, 2005. In less than six months it was pre-empted by the Crown division of Random House, New York, and continues to sell steadily since its second publication date of March 27, 2007. To date it's been translated into French, Spanish, Czech, and Chinese.

Nancy Savoca, winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, and her husband Rich Guay, traveled to Vermont to persuade Longfellow to option the rights to her book on the Magdalene. Savoca and Longfellow found they were seeking the same thing: a way to talk about personal divinity. The movie is in pre-production.

Following the publication of The Secret Magdalene by Eio Books, Longfellow was asked to contribute an essay to Dan Burstein's bestselling "Secrets" series. This fourth book in the series, entitled Secrets of Mary Magdalene: The Untold Story of History's Most Misunderstood Woman, also includes contributions by Elaine Pagels, Tori Amos, Margaret Starbird, Susan Haskins and Karen L. King. The book began selling in mid-September 2006 and is still going strong.

Longfellow has completed and published Flow Down Like Silver : Hypatia of Alexandria, a novel about the extraordinary Hypatia of Alexandria, the greatest and virtually last of the world's pagan teachers. Alexandria'a Hypatia lived in times very like our times where "the faithful" kill to defend their beliefs.

Longfellow is now working on the third book in her trilogy of the Divine Feminine. THE TIME OF THE BEE, is a novel of the Golden Age, the thousands of years when all of humanity told time by the moon, when the earth stood upright on its axis, and when all followed the Great Goddess in peace and plenty. In this third book, the Goddess and her world is destroyed in almost a single day by an agency outside human control. 12,000 years ago the time of the Partriarch was born, leading us to the world we know today, a world on the brink of destruction. But also a world in which the Goddess begins to speak again, her voice being heard by those who would not destroy, but would return to peace and love.

To date, her work is available in nine languages: Spanish, Swedish, Hebrew, English, German, Chinese, Icelandic, French and Czech. There are also audio versions of China Blues available from Soundings in Britian, and The Secret Magdalene is internationally available from Books On Tape.

In 2003, the celebratory script of her "comic opera" was published by Sea Urchin Press in Holland. Called STINKFOOT, co-written with her husband, the late Vivian Stanshall, lead singer and songwriter of England's very beloved Bonzo Dog Band. STINKFOOT was produced twice: once for Ki's Showboat in Bristol's Floating Harbour, England, and once for London's West End. The show garnered glowing national reviews in the Times, the Guardian, and the Independent. A sleeker version of Stinkfoot is being prepared for the English stage, and is also in pre-production for a film version.

She's also written for Cream Magazine, Ms Magazine, and Rolling Stone.

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