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Philosopher, teacher, adviser, prophet— this is the Mary Magdalene who is brought vividly to life in this gorgeously written novel by Ki Longfellow. The Secret Magdalene begins her story when she is an adolescent named Mariamne, living a privileged life at her father's home in Jerusalem with her adopted sister Salome. A terrible illness has left Mariamne with second sight; Salome is also psychically gifted. Both girls further possess a thirst for knowledge that is denounced by the men of their society. So when a misunderstanding leads their father to banish them from the household, they dress as boys and run away to become followers of the Nazareans. Their lives intertwine with Seth of "Damascus" and John the Baptist (who Salome believes is the King of the Jews. But it is a man named Yeshu'a who will captivate Mariamne—a man that she quickly comes to realize is The One.

Longfellow's powerful evocation of Mary Magdalene, Yeshu'a, who came to be known as Jesus, and the Gnostic teachings make this painstakingly researched, radical retelling of the biblical story a most fascinating and entertaining read.—Book of the Month Club

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"Philosopher, teacher, adviser, prophet—this is the Mary Magdalene that is brought vividly to life in this gorgeously written novel."—BOM review.

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